People ask me why I like Ashfur, 

Why I relate to him, 

Why? Because; 

I understand how you feel, working over and over. Harder and harder for the person you’re in love with. Going above and beyond what you have to. And it’s amazing when they seem to show some sort of interest. To show love in return, you think they love you and respect you. Risking time, money, and even sleep to talk to them or be around them. To love them and cherish them. They tell you they adore you, love you, need you even. You’re happy, you’re excited. You shower them with all your affection. 

Than it happens;

they find someone else. You’re with them all the time, know them in and out, do all you can to make them happy. Than they turn away from you, walk off to someone else. Want to be their perfect one. And anytime you speak to them it’s about this person, or you can just see the sheer joy in their eyes. The love. The need for the touch of the others flesh. And anger festers inside you, it burns and destroys you. You watch them grow close, being forced to keep a smile even when you want to break. You continued to see them every day, talk to them, you’re a best friend. Nothing more even if they still tell you they love you. 

They smile, laugh, cry, break on this person. Not on you. The one who held them and took care of them when all seemed lost. They ask you why you are starting to act funny, sad, angry even. But what are you to say when they are so happy now? You can’t look down upon their face and blurt out the truth. Because you don’t want to stab what little friendship you have left. 

The anger continued to fester and boil, but this is the breaking point. Some people will just keep smiling and dying on the inside. and some act out.

Sadly, Ashfur acted out. Sometimes, a person doesn’t care anymore because they cared to much.

I will always love Ashfur, he is and forever will be my favorite Warrior. He was stronger than most people assume him to be, yes. He hurt someone. He shouldn’t have acted in anger, but sometimes people just break. 

Crappy picture, Its just a vent. <3